Mid Florida Milers Logo...


...was created by Phil Jackson of Tampa in 1989 after the club formed in August of 1989.  The logo was developed to provide a visual description of the new Florida club located in the Orlando area of Central Florida.  It was completed and used on new club T-Shirts for the Inaugural Presidents Day Walk in February 1990 at Wekiwa Springs State Park attended by over 300 walkers.

The orange head and circular orange band colors display the relation to the large orange groves that were in central Florida.  The blue shows us the abundant blue and sunny skies overhead and the surrounding oceans and numerous lakes.  Green tells us that there is year round color in Florida’s climate.  The star notes Orlando’s location.  The hat, boots, lederhosen, and walking stick depict the volkssport roots in Germany.

In 2009 the 20th Anniversary prompted the club to develop an activity banner celebrating the significant milestone.  The banner was designed by Kathy Bargar with Pete Fournier’s input.  The banner was used extensively in 2009 at all the 26 walks.

The central piece of the banner then became the updated and more friendly walker on the logo.